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Meet Our Family

Marika Manousakis, our Yiayia (Grandma), has a brother and sister who also live in the village. She also has another sister who lives a few villages away.

Manoli Manousakis, our Papou (Grandpa), had 8 sisters and brothers. His only surviving sister lives with her family in the neighboring village of Dionisi.

Theo (Uncle) Stavros was an officer in the Greek army and lives with his wife Miranda and their children, Manoli and Maria, in Athens.

Theo (Uncle) Michali (elder) is Yiayia’s brother. He lives with his wife, Maro, in the village. They also have a multi-family house in the capital of Crete, Heraklio where they once owned a grocery store. This is where their daughter Eva lives with her husband Michali (younger).

Thia (Aunt) Eva and Theo Michali (younger) live in Heraklio with their children Maria, Sophia, and Giorgio.

Thia Popi is Yiayia’s sister. She lives in the village and also rents an apartment in Heraklio one block from her brother, Mihali. Her oldest son, Adoni lives in Athens with his wife Sara and their two boys. Popi’s youngest son Kosta lives in Heraklio with his wife and their 2 girls.

Thia Aspasia is Papou’s sister. She lives with her husband, Mitso, in Dionisi. Theo Mitso is 98 years old, and still loves to tend to his garden.

Evie is the daughter of Marika and Manoli. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband John and three boys: Nick, Manos, and Alex.