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Q: Should I store my olive oil in the refrigerator so that it lasts longer?

A: This is not at all necessary. A dark place without moisture is the optimal location to store your oil. Keep your extra bottles of Mt. Kofinas olive oil in a cool, dark place like a pantry closet. Sunlight and moisture are two things that can harm your olive oil. However, olive oil can be used as a natural preservative. By its nature, olive oil is fairly stable and certainly is delicious for many years.

Q: I forgot my olive oil in my freezing car overnight and now the olive oil is cloudy white. Did my olive oil spoil?

A: No, it just turned to a solid. After being in room temperature for a while it will return to it’s original state. Trust us, it will still taste great.

Q: There’s pulp at the bottom of my olive oil, does this mean that it went bad?

A: No, our olive oil is natural and unfiltered so with time the fruit particles may settle. Mix the oil by tipping the bottle before using so it is evenly dispersed.

Q: Can I cook with the olive oil?Delicious food, delicious olive oil.

A: Yes, people have been cooking with olive oil for thousands of years. As part of the Mediterranean diet this is the main ingredient and cooking method of most dishes. It also gives a great taste to the food and helps infuse flavors.

Q: Can I fry with olive oil?

A: Yes, it is actually a great oil to use because it stands up well since the smoking temperature (380˚F – 400˚F) is above the ideal frying temperature(350˚F-365˚F). The reason olive oil is not commonly used in frying is based on cost. Out of the available oils, olive oil is among the most expensive, but also the most delicious. Source

Q: If I fry with olive oil, will the olive oil change from a “good fat” to a “bad fat” ?

A: Extra virgin olive oil is a great source of poly-unsaturated fats. Simply frying with olive oil will not change the chemical composition. Your extra virgin olive oil will NOT change into a saturated fat, or a trans fat. Source