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The Village

Mt. Kofinas’s olives are cultivated and processed exclusively in the village of Stavies from our family’s olive groves. Stavies is a small village with approximately 300 residents and is situated at the foothills of Mt. Kofinas.

Mt. Kofinas’s rock formation is visually distinct and gives the prefecture name to the surrounding villages. These villages are located in the rich, agricultural Messara Valley known throughout Crete and the rest of Greece for growing high quality food.

olivegrovesThe climate in the Messara Valley is ideal for growing olives. This area is very hot and dry in the summer and is nourished by the rainfall in the spring and fall and winter.

Like most villages of Crete, Stavies is surrounded by a patchwork of olive groves and vineyards. Many of our groves are scattered throughout the hillsides because some of our land was purchased many years ago by our great grandparents, and has since been passed down to younger generations. We invite you to take a tour of the village and meet our family.