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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Evoo) 500ml(16.9oz)

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Mt. Kofinas’s all-natural, pure extra virgin olive oil begins with olives hand gathered at their peak for maximum flavor. The olives are cold pressed (not chemically extracted) within only a few hours after harvest to assure superior taste and low acidity. Any oil below 1% acidity level qualifies as “extra virgin,” but Mt. Kofinas’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an acidity level between .2% and .4%. This is another reason why Mt. Kofinas stands out as a premium quality extra virgin olive oil.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 3 in

EVOO, Certified Organic EVOO

1 review for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Evoo) 500ml(16.9oz)

  1. Jennifer Falzarano

    So my obsession grew after i ran out of the mini salad dressing kit of citrus evoo with the white balsamic vinegar im Italian we cook n bake alot in our home evoo is a major staple there is sooooooooo much reserch out there of fake evoo that after the mini salad dressing kit i knew Kofinas Evoo was true Greek and raw healthy n delicious n green notes like the evoo was picked from the trees n crushed n bottled n sent right to my front door fresh n healthy n raw n delicious i did not hesitate to buying a 5 litter can from Nick he makes you feel like your his family he was taken ill at the time and as sick as he was he took the time to answer his cell with texting or after he was not driving he values n cherrishes his customers his wife is very sweet n responsive on there Face Pg i will be back for more i lined up for my moms XMas gift already i feel evoo is a gift of the gods

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